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søndag 13. januar 2013

Whats Going On?

To Keep everyone here in the loop as it has been sometime ago since a last update regarding of what is to come.

There are a lot of opportunities involving Immundus, so things are taking it´s own role as I dont do music for a living but as passion to create the music itself, so it takes inspiration to create it as these dont always work on command;)

So? whats going on?

 - Recently I started working on a exclusive track and quite excited about it, there will be a new release for the Tarot Cards, released via Neve Micro and I have had the honour to be able to create a new exclusive for this series, this time under the theme of "The Hanged Man" card I am really looking forward to see how it goes, so keep on the loop.

 - I am also on preparations to release a 2´single release based on "The Reflecting Sphere" being the release featuring the original track and the collaboration track with Melankolia.

- After some months of hiatus after the release of "Bounded To Eternal Time And Space" I will in the next months be working on new music for my next album, there is no title, no release date and no plans as who will release it, but as it seems, will be independently released, but there is already a new concept and theme and sound experiments that I have been thinking on working for quite some time, so this will be a slightly different direction from previous releases.

- I have also had the opportunity to sign a contract with Resource Sound for music sync to film, tv and media in general last year, and this year I will also be busy working on exclusive music for licensing. (this is a message for those who work in these areas I just posted, that more music from Immundus will be available for licensing on a exclusive basis only). ( )

-Finally, after requests from many "fans" of Immundus I have made a way to make merchandise available on demand via spreadshirt. I thank you all for the support for those who have taken the time to purchase some of merch available! ( )

So as you see there are things running on the background and Im really thrilled to let you know that inspiration has kicked back and im getting back to start working on new and fresh music.

 Hope you guys didn't think this was too much of a reading but I just felt I should let people know what is going on with Immundus on a more detailed base as much as I can present at this moment.

Keep following Immundus on the different social networks and visiting the site for more news.

All the best,
 Bruno / Immundus

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